How to care for your hands?

While spending a decent amount of time with your bell you will probably endure some rough skin, calluses and possibly even blisters. There are ways to decrease your vulnerability to these conditions. The appropriate care of your hands can make for a more pleasurable KB experience and a less embarrassing moment (LADIES!!)… when greeting someone they mistake you for a Longshoreman!

It all starts with how you “handle” the bell. Notice, I didn’t use the word “grip” the bell. Gripping during swings, cleans and snatches will cause pinching of the skin at the base of the fingers. We like to teach you to, “hook” the handle with your fingers, and allow the bell to glide from the “hook” of the fingers to the heel of the palm and back. Remember the bell is an extension of your arm and the power you create, transfers thru your body to the bell.

Calluses serve their purpose; to protect the hands from grueling work. You do not want to file away the entire callous. It’s the thickened part that becomes ‘pinched’ during the KB work that should be shaved off.

Hand/Callous Maintenance

1.) Soak the hands in hot water for at least five minutes.
2.) Dry hands.
3.) Sand down the hand with a pumice stone until smooth *IMPORTANT–Leave just enough there so there is a base.
4.) Apply a thick moisturizing lotion.

Night Care

1.) Lather hands with a product such as Aquaphor.
2.) Cover hands with cotton gloves

Protect with the SOCK SLEEVE!!!

1.) Take a pair of crew socks and cut the top, elastic portion of the sock off. It is best to take a new pair of socks as the fresh elastic helps keep the sleeve in position.
2.) Cut a 2-2 ½ inch section for each hand.
3.) Slide the sleeve over the top of the hand covering the lower portion of the fingers and the top of the palm of the hand.
Exactly where the bell should sit if PROPERLY held!

Blister Care

If you unfortunately experience a blister
1.) Stop all activity.
2.) DO NOT break or “pop” the blister.
3.) Clean thoroughly with soap and water. Be sure to remove all dirt or
4.) Apply antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin or Bacitracin.
5.) Make a blister doughnut. Cut a piece of moleskin large enough to protect the area. Then cut a circle from the center of the moleskin that is slightly larger than the blister. Place the doughnut around the blister
6.) Cover with gauze.
7.) Change daily.
The blister should heal within 3-5 days.