Many women are laboring under the mistaken notion that kettlebell training is not for them, that it is for strong men, not suited for the feminine physique. After all, anything proven to enhance the performance of Special Forces units, Olympians, or professional athletes must be hard core, right? Even the kettlebell itself looks a little uninviting. A cast iron, cannonball looking thing with a handle. What could a woman possibly get out of this? Everything.

Kettlebells can have a dramatic impact on the health and overall fitness of a woman. Those females, who have been brave enough to pick them up are walking testimonials. Kettlebells will improve your quality of life. They will increase your energy level and reshape your body. The days of unwanted thighs, saggy butts, and Aunt Anne arms will disappear. No more asking your husband “does this look ok?” or “do I look fat in this?”. Kettlebell classes promote overall conditioning and in doing so jump start your metabolism. When the metabolism “fire” starts burning, the fat and weight start to melt away and QUICKLY. You will be leaner, stronger and love your body!

Everyone is trying to get the most out of their workouts; maximum results in the shortest amount of time. Kettlebells will fit into your hectic schedule because while the traditional exercise prescription for women requires endless aerobic classes, hours on the treadmill and weight training sessions, Kettlebell training covers all the bases. Moreover, this type of training lends itself to a more functional kind of strength. Instead of having the incredibly useful ability to do fifty bicep curls with a two pound weight, you’ll find that the core strengthening provided by kettlebell training will be scads more useful in day to day life. Many women worry that by training with challenging weights they will gain too much muscle mass and start to look masculine. Not true. Women don’t naturally possess the testosterone to build that kind of mass. Men have ten to fifteen times the testosterone level that women do, and that coupled with a massive calorie intake and incredibly hard work will build that kind of body for SOME men. For women, you’ll simply gain much more strength, and a lean, sexy physique.

So does losing weight, sculpting your “troubled areas”, increasing aerobic capacity and having a sexier body sound appealing? Challenge yourself with your workouts.