Since we are one week away from Super Bowl XLV, here are a few NFL players and teams that have recently found kettlebells to be very complimentary to their on field performance.

It is no secret that kettlebell training will build powerful hips, resilient hamstrings, reliable shoulders, a crushing grip, integrated core, and mental toughness. It’s also no secret that professional athletes don’t like to take risks with their bodies. Nor do professional strength coaches want to risk injuring their athletes. The more athletes and coaches take the leap into kettebell training, the more their peers will see the brilliant results that can be had.

In an attempt to invigorate his body after eight NFL seasons, New Orleans Saints Fullback, Heath Evans started a new training regimen in the summer of 2008, that ditches traditional weightlifting in favor of kettlebells. A native of Palm Beach, Fla., he spent 41 days with Pavel Tsatsouline training with kettlebells. Pavel taught him the overspeed snatch to help improve his vertical jump.
“I don’t think you go away from what you’ve always done, what got you here, but for me this is all about finding new ways to challenge my body,” the 29-year-old Evans said. “[Patriots strength and conditioning coach] Mike [Woicik] and I talk about it all the time, trying to find ways to get stronger in other areas.

“I feel like if I maintain my strength for four or five years, I’m plenty strong enough to play in the league, but this is geared toward perfecting my strength and making my strength more functional on the field.”

Evans uses the bench press as an example. “When do you lie on the field and bench someone off you?” he asked. “The idea of kettlebells is to make the strength more conditioned, more flexible, and more explosive.”

Indianapolis Colts Joseph Addai has worked on his single leg dead lift to correct muscle imbalances and increase core stability.

The Baltimore Ravens website announced that their strength and conditioning coach Bob Rogucki would use kettlebells in the Ravens’ off season training.

NFL powerhouse Tennessee Titans, have also integrated kettlebell exercises into their training regimen.

Titans Kyle Vanden Bosch works with Kettlebells during a group workout.

Titans Craig Stevens learns The Clean and the importance of a tight Rack position.

Jason Jones performs a Snatch.

The group learns The Get UP.

Eagles tight end L.J. Smith has been training with kettlebells.

“It’s the hardest workout I’ve ever had,” said the 6-foot-3, 258-pound Smith. “You do it once a week for about 45 minutes and then you go crash. When you’re done, you think your heart rate might never come down.”

New York Jets running back LaDainian Tomlin was seen last year swinging a kettlebell on 60 Minutes.