The Russian kettlebell owes half of its power to the proprietary RKC training system. The other half is due to the kettlebell’s design, namely a thick handle removed from a compact center of mass.

• The kettlebell is the ultimate in conditioning the body for extreme decelerations. Think of all the sudden stops and direction changes on the football field. If you have not conditioned yourself to handle these forces, you will perform sub-par and run a high risk of injury. Traditional strength training, even the Olympic “quick lifts”, does not address this issue as the weight is either dropped or treated to a slow negative. As Master RKC Brett Jones states, “You cannot swing a barbell between your legs.” You could try it with a dumbbell…at least until the sheer width of it takes your knees out. The compact kettlebell can be dropped from the lockout between your knees and way behind you where it will impact load your hips.

• This dynamic loading sets up the hip muscles for a powerful contraction. The kettlebell is the definitive tool for developing the hip thrust, the power generator in all athletics. Be it a jump, a kick, or a punch, when expertly performed, it comes from the hips.

• The kettlebell will make your back resilient. Unique Russian kettlebell exercises (high repetitions of the swing, clean, and snatch) condition your back from every conceivable angle, statically and dynamically. One would have to take up powerlifting, yoga, strongman, gymnastics, and a couple of other things to half way imitate the benefits of kettlebell training.

• The kettlebell’s offset center of gravity maximizes shoulder strength, flexibility, and health. Most Russians have never heard of “rotator cuffs”. Shoulder injuries are virtually unheard of in the Russian armed forces. They train and test personnel with repetition one-arm snatches with a 53 lb. kettlebell rather than push-ups.

• The Kettlebell is an outstanding grip, wrist, and forearm developer. A thick and smooth handle combined with the ballistic nature of many exercises loads the grip like rock climbing. Bottom up cleans and similar leverage drills unique to kettlebells take care of the wrists.

• The position of the handle allows dynamic passing of the kettlebell from hand to hand for a great variety of powerful juggling type exercises strongly endorsed by the Russian Federation State Committee on Physical Culture. These drills develop dynamic strength and injury-proof the body in many planes unlike conventional linear exercise.

• The kettlebell will give you infinite freedom of lifting. It has been said that kettlebells compared to traditional free weights are what barbells and dumbbells are to machines. Taming a kettlebell is akin to medieval sword, spear, and battle-ax play, liberating and aggressive.

• The Russian kettlebell is a complete, no-compromise, extreme hand held gym.