The fountain of youth is not about a magical quick fix, it is about making lifestyle changes that will forever improve your health, fitness and quality of life.

It includes many different aspects: physical activity, healthy eating habits, stretching, cardiovascular training and strength training.

When you combine all of these things into a daily, weekly and monthly lifestyle, you will find yourself looking and feeling younger. Studies show a person who exercises regularly and eats a healthy diet can be as much as 20 years younger than their actual age. How’s that for the fountain of youth?

Strength training is the true key to the fountain of youth. Every other aspect, except diet, is supplemental in comparison to the importance of a well-balanced strength training routine. Being active in your everyday lifestyle is good. Eating healthy is key to having a lean body and preventing heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Stretching keeps your muscles loose and pain free. Cardiovascular exercise keeps your heart healthy and helps control body fat.

But strength training offers what no other exercise can offer.

Weightlifting often is overlooked as being a key part of health, but no other aspect of exercise is as capable of providing you with such a host of results.

Increased strength makes everyday life easier. Higher metabolism improves rate of fat loss and the storage of new fat and greater bone density tendon and ligament strength by placing good stress on the tissues. This forces them to become thicker and stronger. It also helps balance opposing muscle groups to prevent injuries, overcome imbalances and decrease aches and pains.

Strength training can be used to achieve high levels of cardiovascular fitness by placing higher levels of intensity to a fast-paced workout, kicking the heart rate to near maximum, while developing a stronger and more athletic body.

The dynamic ability to mold and shape a strength training routine to your goals is what makes it such an important aspect of health. Everyone of the above effects is a life-changing addition to your search for the fountain of youth.

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