Jerome Anderson

Jerome Anderson has been an educator of health an fitness for over ten years. As a Certified RKC Kettlebell Instructor and Personal Trainer, his education, personal accomplishments and field experience, have set the foundation for his versatile training style. Aside from the functional and strength training, he is highly proficient with the CK-Functional Movement Screen, athletic conditioning, weight management, and TRX training. Jerome customizes fitness programs based on the needs and objectives of his clients.

“My philosophy is to unleash the athlete in each client with tactical approach, guiding efficient movement patterns, and to provide knowledge of the body’s potential.”

His unique approach gives clients the tools to stay motivated and succeed. His outstanding athleticism and focus mastered his own recipe for success. Daily conditioning of his body and mind enabled Jerome to compete, as a Wide Receiver, for the University of Pittsburgh, as well as an All-American Track & Field athlete. He continued on to a career in the NFL, CFL, and AFL. The fitness floor is his football field with a signing bonus of results. Do you want to play or sit on the sidelines?

Jerome received his degree in Exercise science from the University of Pittsburgh in 1997, followed by a CPT certification through American College and Sports Medicine.

Freddie Arango

The choice to become a Nurse and Personal Trainer, has allowed me to teach others how to lead a healthy and happy life. In my 7yrs as a fitness professional it’s been a very rewarding experience guiding others to reaching their fitness goals. During that time, I realized more than ever, that I chose the correct career path because helping people is what’s most important to me. Impetus Fitness is giving me the opportunity to give back to those who want to feel great about themselves and at the same time, have fun doing it! My hopes and expectations are not only what I accomplish, but MOST importantly, guide those who strive to achieve.